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Hello. welcome to the Jay Rosenblatt Guitar blog. My last post was mid-February. Now its the end of September 2015. Time flies.

Maple bound Ebony fingerboard with Ebony and Maple Geometric Rosette on a Jay Rosenblatt guitar

Maple bound Ebony fingerboard with Ebony and Maple Geometric Rosette on a Jay Rosenblatt guitar in process

I currently am preparing to exhibit my guitars at the Woodstock Luthiers Invitational Showcase in Woodstock, New York, on October 23rd., 24th., and 25th., 2015. I will have a table there exhibiting my instruments and will also have my guitars played in performance by Frank Sole and Henry Nerenberg. Two excellent musicians who will perform onstage at 4:00 pm., Saturday, October 24th, 2105.

Frank and Henry will be performing at The Woodstock Luthiers Invitational on Jay Rosenblatt Guitars

Frank Sole and Henry Nerenberg will be performing at The Woodstock Luthiers Invitational playing Jay Rosenblatt Guitars Saturday, October 25th., 2015 @ 4pm.

The Woodstock Luthiers Showcase is a feast for the eyes and ears and displays the works of over 60 talented luthiers, makers and instrument builders. Friday is the day to see the instruments and marvel at the guitars on display. Saturday and Sunday feature full day performances by the best pickers and musicians performing on the handmade instruments being exhibited. A must attend event if you love guitars and guitar music.


My last blog post detailed construction of a Weissenborn Lap Steel guitar. This instrument has been completed and delivered to its new owner. Since that posting I submitted the photographs of it construction to Guitarmaker Magazine along with an article on how I built it. “Guitarmaker Magazine”is the publication of  A.S.I.A., The Association of Stringes Instrument Artisans. The publisher, Alton Acker, reproduced the images and article as the featured story. The magazine can be purchased through the A.S.I.A. web site where you can also sign up for a membership which includes 4 yearly publications and information about seminars and luthier events and other services they provide to the guitar builder and entheusiast.

Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar handbuilt by Jay Rosenblatt

Weissenborn Guitar by Jay Rosenblatt featured in GuitarMaker Magazine.

Weissenborn Guitar by Jay Rosenblatt featured in GuitarMaker Magazine.


Weissenborn guitar by Jay Rosenblatt building photographs

Weissenborn guitar by Jay Rosenblatt building photograph


The A.S.I.A symposium 2015 .

The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans trade and lecture symposium, held bi-yearly was held this past June at East Stroudgberg University in East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania. This years lectures by many top builders included topics on the business of the guitar business, repair techniques, building tips and tricks, jigs and fixtures, soundboard replacement, finishing techniques, voicing the instrument and historical presentations. The event also featured the vendor area where you can purchase woods and supplies. The evening held other lectures with social and musical gatherings. More info at

A previous post highlighted a Mahogany Venitian Cutaway guitar. on-the-guitar-building-workbench-2015.  Since that post that instrument has also been completed. The finish was a hand rubbed French polish. I used a medium-dark amber on the back, sides and neck and a light blonde on the soundboard. The finish produced a wonderful sheen on the African Mahogany back and spruce top and enhanced the organic feel and look of it. This instrument will be exhibited for purchase at The Woodstock Luthiers Invitational.

hand built mahogany venetian cutaway acoustic guitar with Sitka Soundboard by Jay Rosenblatt

Mahogany venetian cutaway acoustic guitar with Sitka Soundboard by Jay Rosenblatt

Recently of the bench and completed is this Rosewood and Sitka PF model. The photos below show it just after it came out of the finish shop. This guitar features a beautiful set of reddish brown rosewood matched to an Alaskan Sitka soundboard. The neck is laminated from 40 year old mahogany with a maple center strip. It has an ebony fretboard bound in maple with triangle position markers and my geometric rosette in ebony and maple.  The head plate is Cocobolo with a maple binding and the first guitar to have the Rosenblatt name inlaid into the headstock.  The guitar has had a shellac tone coat and a lacquer finish applied. This instrument will be featured at The Woodstock Showcase and is for sale. Please inquire!

The guitar that Jack Built.  This summer I had a young guitar student take a class with me to learn guitar building. He preformed all the steps necessary with my guidance and constructed a beautiful Mahogany and Sitka guitar. Having never used woodworking tools before he did quite well and had the dexterity of a future woodworker. The guitar featured a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and a rosewood bridge. He also cut and installed a whale motif headstock inlay. The instrument was built over a month, two to three 5 hour classes per session. At this point the guitar is at the finisher getting a Notrocellulose finish. Should be a beauty that he will enjoy for many years to come.

Other projects around the shop include two sister Kasha style Classical guitars. Working with Frank Sole, musician and builder to construct these instruments, we have completed all the building forms and have crafted and carved the neck, heel and headstock . The soundboard bracing is in progress.  Ill update as it moves along.

A little experimentation. I have been playing with some experimental bracing patterns on a cutaway in the works. Inspired by the Arches in Utah I will assemble this in a manner where no two braces actually touch each other, yet pass through and over/under each other allowing more flexibility through the top. This will not be available currently on any model untill it is time tested and proves to be a worthy design. This is an experimental design.

Prototypical experimental bracing design by Jay Rosenblatt. All rights reserved!!

Experimental bracing design by Jay Rosenblatt. All rights reserved!!

Please look for my next post. I will be highlighting and describing the guitars I will exhibit and have for sale at The Woodstock Luthiers Invitational Showcase.

Thank you for reading.

Jay Rosenblatt

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