About Jay Rosenblatt

Hello,  My name is Jay Rosenblatt.

I build guitars in a small shop in West Orange, New Jersey. If you think you see dandruff in my hair, its probably saw dust.

Typically I create about 6-8 instruments a year, primarily acoustic steel string or Lap steel guitars. Currently I have 5 models in my lineup. A parlor model which is a 12 fret to the body design, my mid-sized instrument called the Prima Fino and a large body acoustic, see “Big Maple” . I have recently added a venetian cutaway model and a round horn cutaway to my fleet. My lineup also includes a Kasha Classical and two Macaferri style Guitars in the works. I also build experimental designs and try to capture the pure essence of building in my work.

I believe an instrument is a vehicle for the musician using it and it should respond to the players touch and technique.  It should feel good and be easily playable. It should rest comfortably on the body, feel natural and achieve a sound that is balanced in tone and depth.

I build instruments by hand. No parts on the body or neck are CNC’d.  The inlay and marquetry work on the fingerboards are cut and inlaid by hand and are individual to the instrument. I use very little in the way of heavy machining and mass produce nothing. The body woods I use are selected for their quality, stability, age, color and grain. I pick soundboards that are lively and responsive well before anything is cut.

In designing and building my instruments I strive for a balance between sound, tonality, playability, feel and visual interest. All instruments are created with the highest regard to craftsmanship and attention to detail. I don’t believe that extensive inlay work makes for a better sounding instrument (although some of the inlay work I see out there is just remarkable), but I do believe that a touch of decorative marquetry, done tastefully and unique to the instrument provides a nice bit of visual appeal.

You can find my work featured in Guitarmaker Magazine, Summer 2015 issue, with construction of a Weissenborn Lap Steel guitar. Occasionally I hold beginner classes in guitar construction. I provides set-up, and repairs of vintage and modern guitars and understand what makes for a playable and enjoyable instrument. I sell and install pickups and sound acoustic amplification products.

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For more information  call 973-445-0015 or email  me jayrose2@earthlink.net




Contact info;

Jay Rosenblatt

West orange, New Jersey




3 thoughts on “About Jay Rosenblatt

  1. great blog jay! I met you at the Woodstock luthiers extravaganza
    love what you are doing great rosettes!.
    I started making my first guitar a triple O 12 fret and am blogging about it, not sure what i will do after I make the first one but I am already designing my second. If you get a moment go to my blog.

    I was a photographer for over 20 years and got bored and moved onto jewelry and from there many other things

    Maybe I will see in you in Woodstock next year! Hopefully you will have your own booth.
    415 310 6757

    oh and yes you do look very happy!

  2. Hey Dr. J
    Nice meeting and playing with you at the Kitchen this past Sunday. When you said you build guitars, you build guitars. Love your site. I have a Yamaha 12-strihg acoustic that needs some minor work done on it. Could you suggest anyone?

    Keep in touch,

    Craig Mitchell

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