Guitar Building Presentation at the NJWA woodworking meeting.

Hello it has been a while.

Last night I had the pleasure to present photographs on my guitar building processes to a group at the NJWA, North Jersey Woodworking Association. I also had Frank Sole, musician, teacher and builder of guitars who performed several pieces, classical, jazz and contemporary for the group.

The NJWA has monthly meetings with demonstrations in a variety of woodworking topics by various presenters. They also have a monthly raffle and share information on woodworking methods, tips, tools, and finishing.

There were about 40 people who attended. One or two who have built a guitar so this was fairly new information for those who have never built an instrument. My presentation was fast paced covering many aspects of the building process and passing around lots of parts and pieces so the folks can get a good sense of guitar construction.

In all the meeting lasted 2.5 hours and I showed about 330 images of the building process. From what I gathered they enjoyed my presentation very much and it was an enjoyable experience for me as well.

If you have an organization or group that would like me to present on this topic please contact me.

Thanks, and thank you for reading.

Happy building!


Guitar Buliding presentation at NJWA3Guitar Buliding presentation at NJWA2Guitar Buliding presentation at NJWA1

The Artisan Guitar Show

Artisan logo
Dear Friends and Guitar Enthusiasts,

I am pleased to tell you about the upcoming Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg, Pa.

This show will feature hand-built guitars displayed by their makers. The event will highlight the work of many renowned builders and the amazing instruments they create.

There will be lectures, workshops, masterclasses, exhibitors, historic and vintage guitar collections and special events throughout the weekend.

I am pleased to be exhibiting my instruments there once again. You will find me hiding behind table #58. I will have some special instruments for sale. I will also have my guitars featured in a one hour concert on Sunday by Tim Farrell.

The Dates:    Friday, April 13th, through Sunday, April 15th., 2018. The Central Hotel & Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA.

On Saturday, at 8 pm., Livingston Taylor will be performing. Tickets are available.
On Sunday,  Tim Farrell, guitarist, performs a one hour concert featuring Rosenblatt Guitars from 12: to 1 PM.  Tim Farrell is an amazing musician.
Thank you and I hope to see you there.
Jay Rosenblatt
card 2018-v9.jpg

Rosenblatt Guitars at The Artisan Guitar Show.

This weekend is the Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at the Central Hotel and Conference Center.

This will be a gathering of luthiers, guitar and instrument builders, musicians, lecturers, pickers and players. The best of the best will be there exhibiting their instruments.

I am pleased to have been invited to exhibit at this event.

At the top of this page you will find some links to some of the instruments I will be showing this weekend.  I will have other instruments not featured on this page. Click on the links above to read more detail about the guitars featured this weekend.

In May, 12, 13 & 14,, The LaConner Guitar Festival will take place in La Conner, Washington. I am looking forward to that as well and will be exhibiting there.

Thanks for reading.

Please scroll to may past posts to see more work and read more about the my instruments. I hope you can make the show. If you do please stop by my table. Thanks!!



Jay Rosenblatt Guitars workbench update

It has been over 5 months since my last post. It has been a busy 5 months though.

Jay Rosenblatt Guitars displayed at The Woodstock Invitational 2016

In october of 2016, I exhibited my guitars at the Woodstock Luthiers invitational. It is an an honor to be included in the show. As always, I was surrounded by a great gathering of excellent makers and luthiers and the instruments they create. Fine instrument makers such as Linda Manzer, Tom Ribbeke, Ken Parker, Randy Muth, John Monteleone and too many others to mention were displaying their handmade instruments. I was fortunate to have my table between John Monteleone’s, a master builder who creates beautiful arch top guitars and an up and coming builder, Meagan Wells who also builds beautiful instruments.

Woodstock Luthiers Showcase
The Woodstock Lutheirs Invitational. Main room early Saturday morning.

One of the two Kasha Guitars built in my shop in 2016 found a new home. I was very pleased to find someone who knows guitars who truly appreciate the amount of work that went into this instrument and its craftsmanship and decided it had to be theirs. I also found a new home for the PF in Moonwood and maple.

img_0353 img_0359







But the most fun at the show comes from meeting old friends and making new ones, meeting all the people who stop at my table who share stories, information and ideas. The weekend was capped with music during the event and in the evening at local Venues in the Woodstock area.

Frank Sole and Henry Nerenberg performing on Jay Rosenblatt guitars.



Just after the Woodstock show two guitars started a new life on my workbench. A new Kasha Classical and a PF in Moonwood. The new Kasha has a salvaged Western Red Cedar soundboard and Rosewood back and sides. The interior braces are laminated spruce and mahogany. The neck is spanish cedar with a Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard and Cocobolo head plate. It has lacewood bindings,  a walnut and maple bridge and will be finished with French polish. This will be complete for the upcoming Artisan Guitar show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 7, 8, 9, 2017.


UPDATE: The Kasha Classical is complete and available for purchase;


The other guitar that is on the workbench now and is nearing completion is a new PF Model steel string acoustic in Maple and Swiss Alpine “Moonwood”spruce. This is the third of this design and is replacing the one that sold at Woodstock. This instrument features a AAA Alpine Swiss Spruce  soundboard, AAAA maple curly maple back and sides, Ebony binding, a Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard, Ebony head plate and bridge. The interior features a mahogany neck and heel block, spruce and mahogany laminated back bracing and Alpine spruce soundboard bracing. This also features an original design sine wave inlay in the back and my signature geometric rosette in ebony and maple. All the bindings are shop made and the finish is amber shellac on the entire body and neck with light blond shellac on the soundboard. It will be available with a custom Ameritage case.

PF Maple w:french polish
AAAA Curly Hard Maple PF with Amber shellac finish


Many repairs have come through the workshop in the past few months. From arch-top soundboard crack repairs and snapped acoustic necks to bridges coming off, re-frets, setups and restoration of collectable mandolin. I’ve see many fall and repaired all.

I will be exhibiting at these fine acoustic guitar shows very soon. Please come test drive one my instruments.

The Artisan Guitar Show. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 7 – 9, 2017. laconner-banner

The La Conner Guitar Festival, La Conner, Washington, May, 12 – 14, 2017. http://laconnerguitarfestival.comLaConner banner2.png


Well thats it for now. Thank you for reading!!

Jay Rosenblatt

Jay Rosenblatt Guitars. Hand-built acoustic guitars for sale

Hello,  This page highlights hand built instruments that are currently available for sale.

These are new instruments. For a more detailed description scroll to following page. If you are interested in purchasing one of these fine guitars please contact me at 973-445-0015.


Prices quoted upon request.

Thank you,

Jay Rosenblatt

If you are interested in purchasing one of these fine guitars please contact me at 973-445-0015.



Guitars at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase 2016

On October 21, 22, and 23, 2016, The “Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase” will commence again in Woodstock, New York. The dates are October 21, 22, and 23, 2016. The event is held at The Bearsville Theater and Utopia Sounstage on Tinker Street.

This will be a three day exhibition of hand-built acoustic guitars and instruments exhibited by by their makers.

This show is always an amazing opportunity to see, hear and play some of the finest instruments on this planet. The show has exhibitors from around the globe. Daily and half hourly performances by some of the finest musicians playing these hand made instruments happen on the main stage. There are lectures workshops and demonstrations. I suggest that you make this a go-to event if you love guitars and can make the trip. Find out more at The Woodstock Invitational Website Page

I am excited to be exhibiting there and am pleased to be included as an exhibitor with all the other fine builders. This year I will be in the main room rubbing shoulders and hob knobbing with other masters of this craft who’s work I admire greatly.

The instruments below have been built over the past year and will be on display;  A Kasha Classical, an experimental guitar design of mine I call “The Arches”, A 7-string Baroque transitional guitar built to the exact measurements of a the original created over 200 years ago, and my PF model in Quilted maple with a Moonwood soundboard and Mahogany neck.

I hope to see you in Woodstock. This will be an excellent to own a Jay Rosenblatt Original guitar if that is your fancy. Please stop in to say hello.

Thank you,

Jay Rosenblatt

7 string Baroque Era parlor by Jay Rosenblatt
7 string Baroque Era parlor by Jay Rosenblatt
Jay Rosenblatt Guitar PF Model in Moonwood with maple and mahogany.
Jay Rosenblatt Guitar PF Model in Moonwood with maple and mahogany.
The "Arches Experimantal" Guitar by Jay Rosenblatt
The “Arches Experimantal” Guitar by Jay Rosenblatt
Kasha Classical built by Jay Rosenblatt
Kasha Classical built by Jay Rosenblatt

PF Model in Rosewood. Jay Rosenblatt Guitars.















































































































Guitars by Jay Rosenblatt


Please inquire about purchasing one of these fine instruments

The PF Diamonte, Rosewood

This guitar is an ooo sized instrument, 15 inches at the lower bout and 11.5 at the upper. This guitar sits comfortably in the lap. The body is select Rosewood. The neck is 40 year old aged mahogany with a maple laminate. The soundboard is Lutz spruce with Lutz carved bracing. It features my geometric rosette in ebony and maple, an ebony fingerboard bound in curly maple with triangle MOP position markers and dot side markers. The head plate is Cocobolo with maple binding, the Rosenblatt name logo with Gotoh 510 timers in chrome. , The back plate is a curly maple .The nut and saddle are bone. Bound with Curly maple and a b/w/b purfling. This guitar is nice player that will age beautifully and open up nicely. A great addition to any guitar collection.   Delivered in an Ameritage custom case.

  • AAA East Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Alaskan Sitka Spruce soundboard
  • 40 year old two piece mahogany neck with maple laminate
  • 2 way truss rod
  • Geometric rosette in Ebony with maple
  • Ebony wave design bridge
  • Kings design headstock with cocobolo head plate and gold MOP Rosenblatt name
  • Curly maple binding with B/W/B purfling
  • Inside; Lutz spruce bracing, rosewood bridge plate, Cedar kerfing
  • 25.4 scale Ebony fingerboard, 14 fret to the body, bound w/Curly maple
  • MOP triangles pattern fingerboard position markers
  • Lacquer finish exterior
  • 18% nickel fret wire,
  • Bone nut and compensated bone saddle
  • Ebony bridge pins with Abalone dots
  • Gotoh 510 Tuning Machines
  • Ameritage custom case



The Venice, African Mahogany

The body size of this instrument is typical of a full sized cutaway and constructed of select African Mahogany with a Lutz spruce soundboard.The back plate is X-Braced using mahogany braces. The ebony fingerboard is bound with ebony, It has large fret wire where each fret end is pre rounded and polished before installation making it smooth and very playable. It has a warm sound and rich with beautiful overtones and a nice presence. The soundboard delivers a delicate balance of responsiveness and clarity. Delivered in an Ameritage custom case.




The PF Geo, Rosewood with 45 year old Alaskan Sitka soundboard

The unique specialty of this guitar lies in its soundboard. Crafted from a 45 year old Salvaged Alaskan Sitka. The trees original life was was a stringer on a bridge that spanned a river in allowing access for crews to build a water generated power facility in the 1970s. In the 80’s the bridge was replaced and the log laid at the forest floor for 25 years.  When that log was salvaged only a few of the most wonderful soundboards were reclaimed… In essence the tree supported a bridge and the soundboard it produced is now doing the same.. The color of the soundboard is its natural color. This is truly a Torrified wood. Over time it has developed a beautiful natural patina, but more importantly the sound achieved from this set is one of wonderful. I cannot build another instrument exactly like this as the boards are no longer available. The rosewood back and sides are select, the ebony fingerboard inlaid with a geometric pattern in white/gold MOP with an Abalone rosette and ebony bridge. The head plate is ebony with my wave design with the JR Logo in gold MOP, complimented with Gotoh tuners . It delightful to play and delivers a superb sound.  delivered in an Ameritage custom case.

  • AAAA East Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • 45 Year old Alaskan Sitka Spruce soundboard
  • 40 year old one piece mahogany neck
  • 2 way truss rod
  • Abalone B/W/B rosette
  • Ebony wave design bridge
  • Wave design headstock with ebony head plate and abalone gold MOP logo
  • Ivoroid binding with coral rope purfling
  • Inside; Lutz spruce bracing, rosewood bridge plate, cedar kerfing
  • Ebony fingerboard, 14 fret to the body, 25.4 scale
  • MOP geometric pattern position markers
  • Lacquer finish exterior, Shellac finished interior
  • 18% nickel fret wire,
  • Bone nut and compensated bone saddle
  • Ebony bridge pins with Abalone dots
  • Gotoh 510 Tuning Machines
  • Ameritage custom case


The Parlor, 12 fret, Quilted Maple.

My parlor model is an o sized small beauty that is a pleasure to play and hold. It’s the kind of instrument that fits perfectly onto the lap. I has a sweet sound. The soundboard is Lutz and paired with a AAAA quilted maple body. A scale length of 24.9 inches, 12 frets to the body, the spanish cedar neck is complimented by a slotted wave design headstock with schertler tuners, ebony head plate and Abalone JR logo. The fingerboard is ebony with my unique mother-of-pearl pearl domino-dot position markers and it has an ebony bridge. The rosette is my geometric design of cocobolo and ebony. The body binding is ebony. Comes with a custom Hard shell Ameritage carrying case.   This model available in rosewood or walnut as special order.


  • AAAA Curly Maple back and sides
  • AAA Lutz Spruce soundboard
  • Lutz spruce bracing
  • Rosewood bridge plate
  • Cedar kerfing
  • Mahogany neck and tail block
  • Spanish Cedar Neck, slotted headstock, ebony head plate
  • Ebony fingerboard, 12 fret to body, 24.9 scale length, 1-3/4″ nut
  • Cocobolo and Ebony geometric rosette
  • Ebony binding
  • Ebony wave design bridge
  • 18% nickel fret wire
  • MOP domino dot position markers
  • Abalone JR logo
  • 2 way truss rod
  • Ebony bridge pins with Abalone dots
  • Bone nut and compensated bone saddle
  • Hand toned/ Nitro Cellulose lacquer exterior
  • Shellac finished interior
  • Schertler tuning machines
  • Ameritage custom case


Acero Grande

“Big Maple” is a grand sized guitar built on my largest form. The guitar is constructed of 4A curly maple with a lutz spruce soundboard and delivers full sound with a good bass response and a flavorful balance of tone across all the strings. Its 25.4″ Ebony fingerboard is inlaid with hand-cut maple leaves in Mother-of Pearl. This guitar has a beautiful projection and clean midrange and great bass response not tipically found on maple guitars. The neck is a 5 piece mahogany / maple laminate. Bound in ebony with an ebony fingerboard and bridge. Complimented with an ebony head plate with the JR logo and chrome tuners with ebony buttons. (builders prototype)  with Ameritage custom case. This sized instrument is available in rosewood with Sitka soundboard.

  • AAA Lutz Soundboard
  • AAAA Curly Maple Back and sides
  • Five piece laminated Mahogany and Maple hand carved neck with flat heel design
  • Chess Piece Headstock , ebony head plate with White MOP JR Logo
  • Ebony fingerboard with Maple and ebony binding and bone nut, 24.9 scale length
  • Maple leaf design, White Mother of Pearl position markers
  • Abalone side position markers
  • Ebony Binding with Chevron Binding front and back
  • Ebony heel plate
  • Ebony Bridge with Bone Saddle
  • Ebony and Maple Geometric Rosette
  • Ebony and maple tailpiece
  • Interior finish Shellac
  • Exterior finish, Lacquer
  • Ameritage case.