Restoration of a rare 1915 Manuel Nunez ukulele.

I recently received a 1915 Manuel Nunez ukulele that was manufactured for The Frank Ford company, made of Koa that was in dire need of restoration. It basically fell apart at the seams.

I disassembled the instrument starting at the back, then remade and reassembled some the braces and internal parts and added a new sound hole ring.

Inside view of Manuel Nunez Ukulele before restore
The old sound ring was rotted so I removed it and then replaced the decorative seam and center seam
The soundboard center strip came out. I Put it back in.
Here you see a new center strip and a new sound hole ring
Put a new center seam in the back which rotted

The original label in the condition it was found in.
Here the back is being reattached
The bridge adjusted and ready to be reinstalled
Complete and reassembled.

The owner of this instrument was a collector and an author on Martin ukuleles he was very pleased with the repair.

Thank you for reading. hope you found us enjoyable.

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