Frank Sole teaches “Tuning your guitar at the second fret”

Today Frank Sole, stopped in to my workshop to show us how to tune your guitar at the second fret. This method corrects for the pressure we naturally put on the strings when we fret an instrument and allows for accurate tuning of your guitar. I have created a video below.

Frank is a fine musician and teacher and I can say I’ve never heard him play out of tune. This is the first step in more finely tuning your instrument repeatably and accurately. This is very helpful when recording to allow the instrument to be in the same tune as a prior session. There are many additional things you can do to fine-tune each individual string on your guitar by adding shelf nuts or saddles which move the tuning points of each string. Please enjoy the video. Contact Frank if you are interested in guitar lessons by Skype or for more information.

Frank Sole teaches “Tuning your guitar at the second string”

I hope you have found this video informational.

Thank you for watching. Stay in tune and play in tune.

Jay Rosenblatt

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