Acoustic guitar building presentation at the CJWA by Jay Rosenblatt

On May 8th., 2013, I held a presentation on how I build my JR Acoustic Guitar at the Central Jersey Woodworkers Associations monthly meeting. I was assisted by my friend and right hand man John Grunberg, and Frank Sole’, musician, who helped me set up and video taped the presentation.

Jay Rosenblatt Speaking at CJWA_1

My exhibit included six completed guitars, one of which Frank built, guitar bodies under construction, forms, woods, templates, materials, and about 250 images in my powerpoint presentation. I spoke for almost two hours. I am pleased to report the the interest and admiration of the audience was outstanding. I was told by many that it was the most informative and interesting presentation they have have had at their meeting in a long time.

Jay Rosenblatt Speaking at CJWA_2

To wrap up the show Frank Sole played finger-style on my recently completed Redwood and Cocobolo guitar to a huge applause. He was great! It was great!

Jay Rosenblatt Speaking at CJWA_8

I was very pleased to represent some of the companies who generously provided woods or from whom I purchase parts and materials that I use in my building process.

Luthiers Mercantile
Allied Lutherie
Blues Creek Guitars
Finocchio guitar works
Luthiers suppliers
Hibdon Hardwoods

Other fine companies to mention are Tony DiDomenico Guitars, finisher, Dale Bartholemew’s finishing shop, and High Mountain Tonewoods .

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