Good progress

Keeping busy in my shop. Recent ongoings have included a Guild D-40 repair, the completion of a modified drednaught sized guitar and  one of my larger sized guitars on my workbench.

I have been making great progress on this Cocobolo and Redwood acoustic. This baby is getting alot of time and alot of handwork.

Cutting channel for rosette by hand

The bracing on the top and back have been installed , the body has been assembled, the box closed and removed from it’s form. It has been waiting patiently for bindings.

Attaching sound hole brace

Top and back ready for assembly

Cocobolo sides out of form

Top back and sides assembled and out of form

Assembled body. Cocobolo, what a beautiful wood

I decided to try my hand at a bit of complex inlay and cut a vine style inlay into the fingerboard. The inlay is gold/white MOP with Abalone leaves and thorns. This is totally experimental and my finl decision wether I will use this on this guitar is still to be made. Although beautiful, it is a bit flashy.

Vine Inlay on Ebony Fingerboard

Pearl vine inlay on Head-plate

I was playing with combinations of bindings purfling and although I  considered a pearl purfling , I decided to stay in line with the guitars earthy feel and use a wood rope purfling with thin strips of black and red wood and a cocobolo binding to match the rosette, with a thin white strip to separate the binding from the sides from the sides.

That’s it for now, more to come soon. Thanks for looking


Cocobolo and rope purfling

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