inch by inch, turn by turn

I have been making good progress on my Cocobolo JR larger acoustic.

I got the sides bent which went flawlessly, the wood took beautifully to bending and holds it shape remarkably well out of the form. Cocobolo is so oily though that the wood darkened quite a bit when bent but after another scraping it will come back to its beautiful red/orange color.

I also made the headblock out of a beautiful piece of mahogany and made the tail block as well. Those were installed and  I have also completed the installation of the kerfing and  raduised the top and back in preperation for the back and soundboard attachment.

Jay Rosenblatt radiusing a guitar body

Marking the high spots on the kerfing

This is the turn-by-turn part of the event. Guitar body spinning on radius dish

Voila! Radiused and and ready for top and back attachment

The kerfing is so critical to a build. No place sloppy job here.  Although inside the instrument and out of sight they should still be installed tight and clean with no glue squeeze out. Again those little details that make a nice guitar.

Installing the ribbon kerfing neat and clean

Inch by inch, the Kerfing (cedar ribbon) installed tight and neat

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