Mixing passions

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to mix two of my passions, one being the crafting of hand-built acoustic guitars and the other lifelong passion, photography. Some of you may know that I am a professional photographer for over 35 years. www.jayrosenblatt.com.

The two came together when Frank Finocchio, luthier, teacher, mentor and friend asked me to photograph his instruments. Frank builds beautiful guitars. His level of work and craftsmanship is outstanding. His knowledge of the instrument is far greater than those of mortal men.

Frank builds Arch top Jazz Guitars, classical guitars, flat-top and arched back acoustic steel string guitars, mandolins and Ukulele’s. Frank also holds guitar building classes at his studio in Easton, PA. and does fine repair work.  http://www.finocchioguitar.com/index.html

One of his trademarks is creating arched backs and soundboards through a steam process to create the arch without carving away precious wood and also allows the backs to work without braces in some of his designs. You can see the results in the photo below.

I enjoyed this and all the knowledge he has imparted over the years.

Enjoy the photos


Jay Rosenblatt Photographing a classical at Finocchio Guitar

Jay Rosenblatt photographing with Frank Finocchio at Finocchio Guitars

Arched-back Koa Classical guitar by Frank Finocchio

Detail of Arch Top Jazz guitar with sunburst by Frank Finocchio

Detail of Custom Arch-top jazz guitar by Frank Finocchio

Back detail of Finocchio Mandolin