Woodstock Luthiers Invitational 2013.


This past October, 2013 was the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase in Woodstock, NY. I was thrilled to have a table there exhibiting my guitars. I also had LR Baggs pickups and pre-amps and Phil Jones amps for sale. Business was good.

My table
Table in Woodstock, NY

Many people stopped by. It was a flurry of activity and conversation about guitars, pickups and amplification for three days. Many musicians played my guitars too with great enjoyment.

The amazing Vicki Genfan stopped by  and played  my Cocobolo and vine guitar. That was amazing. She is amazing. More about Vicki and her music here http://vickigenfan.com/

Vicki Genfan
Vicki Genfan

John Sebastian (The Lovin Spoonful ) also stopped by to say hello and pick a quick tune. Very nice of him indeed.


I was lucky to have Frank Sole, a fabulous guitar player and friend help me all three days of the event. Frank entertained visitors to my booth with his great talent and helped sell allot of amps.

Frank Sole, left, and Jay Rosenblatt
Frank Sole, left, and Jay Rosenblatt
Chatting it up at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase
Chatting it up at the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase


Al Petteway stopped by to ask a few questions about my guitars for a moment. Learn more about Al here http://www.alandamy.com/

Al Petteway and Jay RosenblattIMG_4333

All in all it was a great event and I was glad to be part of it and hope to do it again next year.


Maplewoodstock 2013. A day of music and Jay Rosenblatt Guitars

Maplewoodstock 2013 was this past weekend. I want to thank all of my friends and musicians who entertained us and all the folks that came out Saturday and Sunday to visit my booth. Both days were filled with great music and people. Everyone was having a great time.
Maplewoodstock Stage
My tent was slightly rained out on for an hour Saturday, but Sunday, although hot, was dry. The tent looked great and because I was under a tree in the shade many people hung around. It didn’t hurt to be under the tree on Saturday either when it rained  as it  kept people around helping sales too. I  received many inquiries about repairs and requests to commission me to build  acoustic guitars.

Maplewood tent


maplewood tent2

On the day of the event I was displaying a Joe Mendel 5 string banjo. I will have it in my shop for about two more weeks before I send it back to Joe. This one has a Padauk tone ring, maple neck and brushed brass hardware. It’s a beautiful instrument with a deep, rich tone. If you are interested in this banjo please get in touch with Joe or myself.  Joe can be found at http://www.jmendelfrets.com

Mendel banjo at maplewoodstock sm

Keep in mind I have and install LR Baggs pick-ups and pre-amps .  Drop me a line to find out more about pricing and such.


Gretch Archtop Repair

I received this Gretsch 1948 Sal Salvador (convertible) Archtop guitar in my shop for repair.

This guitar had been in a house fire. Fortunately it suffered mostly heat exposure and did not combust.

6199 pickguard

The pick guard which was a gold acrylic that also doubled as the support for the pick-up, volume and tone knobs had melted and bent. This caused the pick-up to tilt up making it hit the strings. The guitar became unplayable.


The instrument also suffered from worn and un-level frets and had a crack in the neck heel that needed to be filled. before 2


The split in the heel was resolved by sawing the break clean and placing a thin sliver of maple into the slot and gluing it in place. Retouching to hide the repair was simply matching an enamel green and painting the piece of maple.

I made a paper template from the old pickguard and sent it to Terrapin Guitars. They specialize in making replacement and custom pickguards. They made a beautiful duplicate and provided the holes for the remounting of the pick-up and remounting the guard.

New pick guard


The fingerboard was cleaned and I leveled, re-crowned and polished the frets. No frets were replaced as there was still plenty of material left to work with.

After the repairs were complete this 54 years old instrument played beautifully, had a smooth action and sounded amazing. This made the owner a very happy man!

Gretch repaired