The Artisan Guitar Show, looking back.

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure to exhibit at The Artisan Guitar Show. This was put on by John Detrick, promoter. It was held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The show attracted a great gathering of guitars makers and luthiers in many areas of instrument making including acoustics, arch-tops, basses, lap steels, electrics, and included amp makers, vintage guitar resellers and accessory manufacturers.

Instrument exhibitors included Linda Manzer, John Monteleone, Woody Pfiffer, Roger Sadowski, Ervin Somogyi, Lee Garrett, Benoit Levoie, Ken Parker, Peggy White, Michele Pellirin, John Slobod, Brian Galloup, myself, and many many more. The weekend also included discussions and lectures, workshops and concerts.

For me it was an excellent experience. It is a place where I could see the work of these great builders that I so admire and also learn and share ideas with them, when possible and between talking with the attendees who stopped by my booth. It was a pleasure to meet and see all of you there.

For a first show of this type in the Harrisburg area the attendance was pretty good. I met people from Philadelphia, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Maryland, also many locals who attended.

I look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks John for putting this together for all of us.

An now some of the photo memories.


Jay Rosenblatt Guitars at the Artisan Guitar show


Claud Laflamme, harp guitarist gave me a private performance on my Kasha Classical. So good!


Garrett Lee classical guitar maker checking out a my romantic-era, 7 string baroque guitar





The future: In June I will be a speaker at the A.S.I.A. Symposium. The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans. The A.S.I.A symposium is a bi-yearly gathering of guitar and instrument makers. A place where  builders can learn techniques for instrument making. It is a wonderful gathering of great builders sharing their knoweledge. It will be held at The Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, PA, June 7 thru 9th.

My presentation will be called “Basics an beyond”.  It will be a photographic presentation on the basic small shop tools that i use to build guitars, the things you will need and the things you can make, forms, jigs, etc, for the beginning builder . Along with that I will show images of  my go to tools and various builds including;  A basic x-braced guitar, a Weissenborn Lap Steel, the romantic I just built, and the Kasha classical. All geared the new builder to get inspired and try different things.

You can get the full schedule here.

In about three weeks I will be exhibiting my guitars in La Conner, Washington at the La Conner Guitar Festival, May 12th., thru 14th., This will be my last showing for a while.

See you there or check back later for an update on those events.



Thanks for reading. Jay..

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