Maplewoodstock day 2012

Wow, what can I say. Yesterday was a great day exhibiting my instruments at Maplewoodstock. So many people stopped by to look, ask and compliment. Pickers, players and lovers of guitars, families, kids and even cute puppies lined up in the heat to check them out. Thanks to all that stopped by.

Pickers, players and lovers of guitars, families, kids and even cute puppies lined up in the heat to visit my guitar exhibit at Maplewoodstock. Photo by Michael Reitman

I had a great tent site thanks to the help from the coordinators of the event.  We stayed from 12 till 5pm showing, meeting, talking and even picking out a few tunes between the performances on the big stage.

The tent at Maplewoodstock. Photo; Mike Newman
A little pickin time between the stage performances. Photo Mike Newman

Phew, it was hot, hot, hot, and although it reached 94 degrees, the humidity was only 38% (i brought my trust hygrometer) so the guitars were not too stressed.  But also they weren’t too happy evidenced by the need to re-tune them a occasionally, but all in all they fared well and are now back in a happier, cooler place. (it was actually a good test for the instruments. Now I know  they can survive in Arizona)

Jay Rosenblatt at Maplewoodstock 2012 . Photo by Maichael Reitman










I was very pleased to meet lots of pickers and players. Everyone was so nice.  Several folks came into the tent to play the guitars, all loved them and particularly commented on the ease and playability of the guitars.

It was a great experience for me to do this and get these instrument out into the public eye. If for nothing else it was really great to connect with all these folks and guitar lovers.

Exhibiting hand-built acoustics at Maplewoodstock. Photo; Michael Retiman
Talking with a young luthier Lukas about making an instrument. Photo Michael Reitman
John with his Left -Hand acoustic guitar

And now the Oscar speech; I want to thank everyone for making this a great day. Thanks to all my friend who came down to visit, to Mike Newman who came down early all the way from Easton, PA and helped me set up, hang my photos and get all the tables and guitar stands set up. Thanks to John Grunberg came down with my instruments and stayed to pick and play tunes. Thanks to Ilona for loaning me her tent. Thanks to Micha Hamilton photographer for making me some very nice enlargements for me to hang in the tent and for hanging out all afternoon himself in the heat and To Rick Hauser of The Framing Mill for the mounting of the prints. And a special thanks to Frank Finocchio, luthier, Easton, PA. who educated me well in creating fine instruments and how to set them up  for ease of playability and his continued support. Thanks to Michael Reitman photographer and fine musician for taking some of the photos on this page and for picking out a tune, all at the same time. If I missed anyone it’s because my brain fried in the heat.

I hope to do this again soon.


One thought on “Maplewoodstock day 2012

  1. Way to go Jay, Now the fun begins. The phone will stat ah ringing.
    Good job, I see lots of smiles. SUCESS:-)

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